Response to Housebroken



-- Mary Wiens

CBC Radio 1


A stunning record!! It sounds incredible, and the songs are fantastic.

Housebroken is a real achievement, and those kinds of records don't come around often.

-- Chris Stringer

NOW Magazine 2013 Producer of the Year


I [f-ing] love it!

-- Paul Myers

Journalist, Author, Musician and Media Creator


How do you write stuff that so captures the tragedy that is the death of love and hope (albeit mostly false) and the dissolution of bonds formed in maternity wards and during 2am sleep-deprived turn taking and the flipping your kids upside down and the sorting out of your friends and your flowers and everything you've touched and grown together... with such unwavering, brutally beautiful factuality and still not just cave in?????

-- Emmett Ashford

Painter, Chemist and Single Dad of Four